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CrickArtz has paintings and inspirations from a Caribbean scientist who sees colour as a necessity. Painting is not a chore or a job for me. It’s where I find peace, solitude, joy and freedom of expression.





Art is Life. Because what is life without colour?



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Featured Work: Landscapes

Landscape artwork by CrickArtz covers a range of themes, spanning from spectacular vistas captured in a wide, panoramic format to more intimate vignettes of couples and places from across the globe.

form and style



K. Crick is a multi-talented artist from Trinidad, who now lives and works in the historic town of Cambridge. She works exclusively with high-grade materials to produce artworks which envelope the core principles of a guiding theme. Across panoramic and regular formats, she explores abstract, landscape and fluid acrylic arts, which tell a story of relationships, womanhood, adventure and intimacy in vivid and exciting ways. Take a leap into some of her artworks by delving into the portfolios in the menu!


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